The new destination that will make buying & selling a classic car as Pleasant as owning one

The Finest Automobile Auctions is a new auction house focused on delivering the finest experience for collector car enthusiasts and offers customized buying opportunities for onsite and online buyers.

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How it works

THE FINEST is unlike any other auction company offering fine automobiles. we bring a Revolutionary registration process that’s so easy it takes only minutes. Once you’re registered, you can Bid any way you choose.

In Person


  • Helpline

    For registration assistance, someone is always available to answer any questions and guide you through the process. Call 475-289-3199

  • Quick & Easy Registration

    With Proxibid’s new proprietary software MarketGuardTM, you can be verified in minutes, and in complete privacy. Now you’re ready to participate in any of our auctions, any way you like.

  • No Intrusive Background Checks

    Finally a way to register without letters from the bank, or giving private information over the phone. All we need is a credit card number to verifiy your identity, and you’re ready to bid. If you win an item, you can choose your payment method.

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Four ways to Buy & SELL

Live Auction Events

BId online During Live Events

online Only Timed Auctions

Buy now & Make offers

Online Bidding

Internet bidding is a great way to bid on your dream Automobile, when & how you want. the finest is an evolution in online Auctions, offering Automobiles for sale in different stages:

  • Pre-Bid

    The Finest is the only automobile auction house to offer online pre-bids prior to the auction, before the automobiles have even crossed the block:

  • Live Auction

    Automobiles are offered for auction during a live event, and streamed to a world-wide audience. If reserve has not been met for the duration of the auction, the lot will move to the next stage:

  • Timed Auction

    To give you the confidence to place bids, the automobile is then offered during a timed auction event, lasting for 24 hours. If reserve has not been met, the lot will move to the next stage:

  • Buy Now

    For a limited time of 24 hours, you can purchase the automobile with a simple click at the ‘Buy Now’ price. If there is still no purchase, the lot will move to the next stage:

  • Make offer

    In the final 48 hours, take this opportunity to submit your best offer. You may get the car of your dreams for less than you think: Buyers Premium is 5% in this final stage.

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