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1990 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $90,000 to $120,000 USD
  • 1990
  • Lancia
  • Delta HF Integrale 16v
  • ZLA831AB000505191
  • White
  • Light Gray / Multi Color
  • Series 1 Delta HF Integrale 16v
  • Only 127 kilometers
  • All Wheel Drive,
  • Original books, tools
  • Historical documentation

Pristine Rally Icon

A brand new example of one of the most iconic and successful rally cars. This might be the lowest mileage first series 16v Integrale anywhere.

This Car’s Past

Built February 16, 1990 and delivered to Fabbri Motors Milano, this Delta Integrale was purchased new and registered by Tiziana Galli of Milan on May 11, 1990. That was the only time it was titled and registered until just this year. After it was purchased, it was immediately put into storage and in January 2015, the current owner, Ken Sterne of, was told about the car by a friend in Italy, whom he had instructed to find the nicest examples of late 80's early 90's Italian rally cars. He purchased this car in February of that year, had it serviced and shipped to join his collection in the USA.

History of the Model

In May 1989, Lancia launched an even more powerful and sophisticated version of their already World Champion Rally car (they'd go on to win a total of seven World Championships with the Delta Integrale). It had better performance from a new 16v engine, with its four valves per cylinder, achieving 200 Bhp 0-100 Km/h in 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 220 Km/h. Numerous changes to the mechanicals were also made: hydraulic clutch, torque split mostly to the rear (for the first time), an upgraded braking system with ABS, wider tires and wheels.

Preservation History

February 2015, the car was purchased in Italy by the current owner. The car had been static for many years, so a service was commissioned with a Lancia specialist to make the car running and driving. Fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel filters, brakes, belts, fluids were replaced and other standard service requirements addressed. The total bill was €2450. It was decided at that time to keep the original tires even though they are badly flat-spotted and can't be used for driving the car for anything other than moving it.

Market Trend

Although there is no comparable sale of a delivery mile first series Delta HF Intergrale 16v. There have been two sales this year of the 1992 Martini Edition. One had just 52 kilometers, the other had 27,000 and they both sold for just under $150,000 ($148k and $149k). Also, in February of last year, a 900 kilometer 1991 Alfa Romeo SZ sold for $130,500. The buyers and collectors are getting younger and these 1980s and 1990s rally cars are the things they've longed for since they were teenagers. As that generation grows wealthier, these values will go up.


A true time capsule for the uber collector or an investment piece to tuck away and cherish. Although, wouldn't it be wonderful if the guy who wanted a new one in 1990 came along to fulfill his dream 26 years later.

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