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2005 Ferrari F430 Berlinetta PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $155,000 - $175,000 USD
  • 2005
  • Ferrari
  • F430 Berlinetta
  • ZFFEW58A550142951
  • Nero Daytona
  • Charcoal
  • Multi-optioned
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Brembo Scuderia Big Brakes
  • Electric Daytona Seats
  • Scuderia Ferrari Shields
  • Service History Included
  • Rare Exterior and Interior Colors
  • Original Books / Manuals
  • Original Tool Kit

Formula One Technology for the Street

In 2005, Ferrari was on top of the world. With Michael Schumacher at the wheel, it had won 6 consecutive Formula One Constructor’s Championships. Schumacher was now world champion for his fifth consecutive year. In the year past, the marque had achieved 15 F1 wins and 29 podiums. With 16000 sold, Ferrari’s previous model, the 360, had been Maranello’s biggest sales success. That demand for Ferraris exceeded output would be an understatement. Ferrari could do no wrong and wisely chose to reassert dominance in the supercar marketplace with an F1 inspired race car for the street.

This Car's Past

This F430 comes from the stable of an enthusiast and owner of at least 25 Ferraris. He drives his cars regularly and maintains them professionally. A reclaimed auto dealership provides climatized housing. A clear bra protects the Ferrari’s front end. The car is heavily optioned for show, go, and stop! The interior is enhanced by electrically controlled Daytona seats with grey stitching, Ferrari’s HiFi Radio and a 6 CD changer. Carbon Fiber inserts adorn the dash and the headliner and rear bench are finished in leather. The shifter is the rare 6 speed manual. The dealer installed optional Brembo Scuderia Big Brakes. Extensive service records are organized and accompany the car.

“This thing makes even an Aston Martin DB-9 or a Porsche Turbo feel like a canal boat; this car (the 430) is just staggering”Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear BBC

History of the Model

Ferrari claimed that its racing division, Gestione Sportiva, provided inspiration for “every inch”of the F430. The earlier 360 had adopted race technology with an aluminum chassis and body with semi monocoque construction. The F430’s skin was massaged in the F1 division’s wind tunnel to produce an estimated 40 % more down force. Air intakes were redesigned to increase engine performance. Even the struts on the side view mirrors were adjusted to direct flow to the cooling system. A new 4.3 liter engine was developed (thus the name 430). Displacement had grown 20% and horsepower increased by a similar number. Yet overall engine dimensions were smaller and weight increased by less than 10 pounds! The heads and valves were taken directly from F1. The F430 became the first production car to use the race developed E-diff. Much more than traction control, it took input even at the limit of adhesion to proportionally and appropriately deliver torque to the individual drive wheels. Just like F1 pilots, Ferrari drivers could now adjust suspension settings and even deactivate them with the “manettino” steering wheel mounted control.

Market Trend

Ferraris are special; but some are more special than others. The F430 is Ferrari’s last V-8 with a manual shift and it is estimated that far fewer than ten percent benefitted from this option. Recent auction prices suggest the market is noticing this fact. Another positive for the 430 is the presence of a timing chain. Belt changes loom large in the expense column and may discourage Ferrari ownership. Many owners relate that an F430 can be well maintained for under $3000 per year.


Offered is a Ferrari which makes heroes out of mere mortals. On the street or on the track, electronic suspension aids lend a degree of confidence never before achieved in a regular production Ferrari. Extensive preparation has been done by noted Ferrari specialists at Competizione. Exhaust headers and Tubing are new this year and a complete fluid service was done in April. Not a garage queen, this prancing horse is seasoned and ready to be enjoyed.Mark Moskowitz MD

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