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1983 Porsche 930 Turbo Slantnose PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $95,000 - $110,000 USD
SOLD: $90,200 USD
  • 1983
  • Porsche
  • 930
  • WP0ZZZ93Z0S000695
  • Gray
  • Linen
  • Rare ‘Special Wishes’ Model
  • Low Original Miles
  • Excellent Condition
  • Upgrades by Powerhaus

Rare ‘Special Wishes’ Slantnose

A stunning and very rare Special Wishes Porsche Factory 930 Slantnose showing just 40,017 miles. Imported by Porsche Turbo guru Bruce Canepa in 1985, inspected and upgraded by famed Porsche tuner Powerhaus. PPI results from Powerhaus from when the previous owner purchased it in 2000, verify that it checked out as a low miles factory Slantnose with the 330hp power kit parts, and that it had no accident damage. Today the car presents as excellent condition, both inside and out. Features from Special Wishes include: Cashmere full leather covered interior, upper and lower dash, ignition key rosette, steering column cover, center console, heater control box, round door lock plates, sun visors, door panels, center console with VDO outside temperature gauge and clock (with 1983 date codes), plus A/C and fan dials, factory Rootwood dash measuring ¼” thick and VDO boost gauge with maximum boost indicator needle (this replaced the clock next to the speedometer) and early 930S Steering wheel by Italvolanti with raised hub, date coded 2/1983.

This Car's Past

This 930 slant nose was invoiced in March of 1983 and delivered to Mahag Porsche in Munich. The EPA and DOT paperwork indicate that Bruce Canepa imported it in January of 1985. The previous owner had spoken with Bruce about this car, and he asked if the rear spoiler grill and rear air intake slats were painted body color (they are). Canepa added these touches to the factory Slantnoses he imported. Bruce then pointed to a car he had recently sold, which he imported for racer Rick Mears around the same time as this one. That car had very similar Special Wishes work done to the exterior and interior. Bruce does not recall whom he imported this car for, and we do not have any records before the previous owner who has owned it since 2000. The previous owner was a perfectionist when it came to maintaining the car’s appearance and mechanics, but only put about 4,000 miles on it during his ownership. The original German owners manual and an English version are included. Also a copy of the US M505 Slantnose owners manual, Copies of all the EPA and DOT importation documents dated January 1985 filed by Bruce Canepa's import company. Kardex report from inquiry at Porsche Classic: VIN 93DS000695, Engine: 67D0722 is original, Transmission: 77D0753 is original, color 99 -”Paint to sample”, interior YA- Cashmere, dealer 116 - Mahag Porsche Dealer, Munich, invoice March’83. Options: 186 - 2-point safety belts rear, 220 - limited slip dif, 261 - electric mirror right, 409 – sport seats, 498- rear lid without model designation, 650- sliding roof.

History of the Model

The original Special Wishes factory slant noses, of which there are believed to be less than fifty built, were made before the official option package M505 and M506 in 1987. They were made to order for Porsche’s wealthiest clients, and usually contained a lot of “cost-no-object” customizations. The downside to the pre-1987 M505/506 slant noses is that the factory kept no records of the work done, so it will not show up on the Kardex build sheets or the Certificate of Authenticity.

Service History

Consistently maintained and well cared for, this 930 has benefited from a high quality repaint in it's original color. The underbody, rocker panels, and fender wells still have all of the original undercoating.The engine was overhauled and upgraded by Powerhaus to K29 turbo, with full bay intercooler, Powerhaus stainless steel heat exchangers and muffler to run safely at 1 bar of boost. The sale of the car is accompanied with a binder documenting the extensive work performed by Powerhaus, it's original intercooler and other parts. It was treated to a recent oil change and service by the current owner.

Market Trend

Porsche turbos of every era have been some of the hottest moving collectible cars in recent years, with values doubling and tripling on some desirable years and special models. A very similar 1984 version of this car with 77,000 kilometers (47,845 miles) sold last year at Coys' Essen auction for €140,612 ($158,891).


An impossible car to replace, this special 930 Turbo has that special conversational factor and history that car collector's yearn for. It's mechanically sorted and has a history which includes the names of some of this country's finest Porsche Turbo Master Technicians. You'd be the only one at your Cars and Coffee with a ‘Special Wishes’ Turbo!

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