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1986 Alfa Romeo Spider PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
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SOLD: $12,100 USD
  • 1986
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Spider
  • ZARBA5411G1040667
  • Red
  • Grey/Black/Red
  • 38,018 miles on odometer
  • Excellent Condition

The Quadrifoglio Verde

Few cars are as associated with a place as the Alfa Romeo is with Italy, and few cars are as associated with a brand as the Spider is to Alfa. The Green Four-leaf Clover was a limited edition model introduced in 1986 with a number of aesthetic enhancements such as the red carpets and a hard rubber spoiler. It retained the 2.0-liter double overhead cam engine with 5-speed that makes the Spider such a joy to drive.

History of the Model

Introduced in 1966 to replace the Giulia Spider, the Alfa Romeo Spider was designed by Pininfarina and powered by the Giulia line’s 1600 CC engine. After a naming contest which drew over 100,000 entries, the name that was selected presented legal copyright issues so Alfa Romeo stuck with the simple Spider 1600. A simple name belied the successful combination of very pretty lines on a successful chassis, so successful that the Spider remained in production for almost 30 years with very few changes. In 1970 Alfa introduced the Series 2 which featured minor changes to the interior and exterior, notably the squared off trunk lid and grill. The engine was upgraded to a 1962 CC engine and the car was renamed the 2000 Spider Veloce. 1982 saw the introduction of the Series 3 Spider, which featured a black rubber spoiler on the trunk lid but also introduced a 2.0-liter engine with Bosch Fuel Injection.

Market Trend

As Alfa Romeo returns to the US with its new line of roadsters, interest has renewed in Alfa as a brand. This perking up has carried over to the latterly unloved 80’s spiders with a decent uptick in values for well-sorted cars. Though basket case spider values have remained flat, restored examples have risen and look set to continue that trend.


It has often been said that every car collector should be required to own an Alfa Romeo at some point, and what better example of a post war Alfa can there be than a Spider? The word ‘iconic’ may be thrown about freely, but few would argue that it is appropriate to use with the Alfa Spider.

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