Boca Raton
1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $225,000 - 250,000 USD
SOLD: $189,000 USD
  • 1997
  • Lamborghini
  • Diablo VT Roadster
  • ZA9RU37B0VLA12717
  • 5.7 V12
  • Chiaro Blue
  • Nero with blue stitching
  • Low miles
  • Original tools
  • Original books
  • Clean Carfax
  • Rare and attractive Chiaro Blue
  • Factory wing

This Cars Past

As one of only approximately 200 first generation VT Roadsters built worldwide between 1995 and 1998, this is already a very rare modern production car. Then when you add to the equation the striking Blu Chiaro exterior paint finish, Black leather interior with Blue "Diablo" stitching and the factory wing, this Lamborghini becomes even more unique. Features include the functional hard top, 5-speed manual transmission, 5.7l v12 with 492hp engine, front lifter system, all wheel drive "viscous traction" and an impressive 4.0 second 0-60 mph. This wonderful example has been well cared for and is offered here with it’s original books, original tool rolls (2), excellent paint, excellent interior, a recent service and only 26,800 kilometers (16,000 miles).

History of the Model

The Diablo VT Roadster was introduced in December 1995 and featured an electrically operated carbon fiber targa top which was stored above the engine lid when not in use. While a handful of open-top Lamborghini concepts had been teased to the public in the company’s past, Lamborghini’s first production convertible would be the Diablo VT Roadster. Besides the roof, the roadster's body was altered from the fixed-top VT model in a number of ways. The front bumper was revised, replacing the quad rectangular driving lamps with two rectangular and two round units. The brake cooling ducts were moved inboard of the driving lamps and changed to a straked design, while the rear ducts featured the vertical painted design seen on the SE30. The engine lid, covering the 5.7 liter V12, 485 hp beast within, was changed substantially in order to vent properly when the roof panel was covering it. The roadster also featured revised 17 inch wheels. The air intakes on top/sides were made larger than the coupe Diablos. One thing that Lamborghini didn’t change for the VT Roadster was the iconic, gated 5-speed shifter. With a top speed of 200 mph, and a 0–60 mph time of four seconds, the Diablo VT Roadster was one of the world’s fastest convertibles when new and even remains competitive against today’s current crop of supercars.


This 1997 VT Roadster still wears it’s original paint in excellent condition, it’s original interior in excellent condition, has received standard routine maintenance and a recent service.


This 1997 VT Roadster is in excellent cosmetic condition. The paint is bright and virtually without blemish. The interior is also excellent and needs nothing. This Diablo has received standard routine maintenance and a recent service.

Market Trend

First the early Countach models surpassed $1,000,000, then the later cars, like the 1989 Anniversary Countach surpassed $300,000, and the Diablo’s were hot on their heels. Like most of modern supercars that exploded in value on the collector car market in the past two to three years, Diablo values have taken a step backwards, but have settled into a new higher bracket than where they were previously. A solid long term investment to be enjoyed and which should maintain a healthy value with potential appreciation. The most recent public sale of a VT Roadster that I could find was $302,250 paid for a Red 1999 at RM’s Monterey August 2016 sale. At the same time, three VT’s rolled across Mecum’s Pebble Beach auction block and while all three brought bids in excess of $200k, none were sold. It’s interesting to note that at the time of writing this description, one could walk down the street to the local Lamborghini Dealer (Lamborghini West Palm Beach) and find a 1999 VT Roadster for sale with a $359,000 asking price.


The “modern” collector cars that sell for the highest numbers, are limited production, stick shift, excellent condition and unusual colors. This car is all of that and more. How do you look cooler and more badass than the guy who pulls up to next to you at a traffic light in an Aventador or a 488? I’ll let you answer that one yourself. This Lamborghini also represents a solid investment and one that can be enjoyed. Diablos were on the teenage bedroom walls of many current and future CEO’s. You always want the car that you dreamt about as a teenager. Happy bidding!

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