The Elegance at Hershey Saturday, June 11th, 2016
1923 Hupmobile Series R-11 5 Passenger Special Touring PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
  • 1923
  • Hupmobile
  • Series R-11 5 passenger Special Touring
  • R119350
  • Black / Tan
  • Black
  • Disc wheels
  • 112” Wheelbase
  • Running Condition
  • 35+ years family ownership
  • Original Tools


When Tim Bosack took over his family’s tree farm business in 2006, he inherited his late uncle’s car collection that had been sitting dormant at the farm’s workshop since even before his uncle’s passing in 1989. For the past two years the Bosack family has generously donated a car from this wonderful collection to the Elegance with proceeds going to JDRF, and this Hupmobile is their third such generous donation.

This Car's Past

This lovely Hupmobile was one of the Bosack family cars stored hidden away in the tree farm garage. While not driven in over 30 years, every year the car’s spark plugs were removed, the cylinders oiled and the engine was turned over by hand to ensure it would be ready once again to be driven. At some point in time, most likely before the 1981-82 Pennsylvania inspection sticker it still wears, it was treated to a restoration consisting of new paint, interior, top and chrome. Removing years of sawdust accumulation revealed that the older restoration has held up quite reasonably with only minor character flaws, the only exception being a section of leather missing behind the driver’s door but partially hidden alongside the seat cushion. It is reported by the donor that an engine overhaul was also commissioned. After installation of a new battery and a cleaning of the fuel system the Hupmobile woke from its slumber and appears to run quite well. As it has been sitting for a long period of time, it is recommended that a thorough inspection and recommissioning is performed prior to fully enjoying this fine automobile.

History of the Model

The Hupp Motor Car Corporation launched its Series R in October 1917, using this model designation through 1925. In traditional Hupmobile practice, the car was powered by a four-cylinder inline engine. Hupmobile prided itself on sound engineering, accurate manufacturing, a long-lived chassis paired with great value, and the Series R’s 182.5 cubic-inch motor rated at 16.5 horsepower coupled to a three-speed transmission lived up to the reputation. Offered in five body styles produced by Hupp along with two ’Special’ upgrades, the Series R yielded years of reliable low-cost service to owners. The five-passenger Special Touring was priced at $1250, $100 more than the entry-level Touring. This upgrade included nickel-plated brightwork, disc wheels, aluminum scuff plates, an imported “Burbank” top, and a rear-mounted spare.

Preservation History

While little is known of the Hupmobile’s history prior to the long-term Bosack Family ownership, the car has been stored inside the family’s tree farm maintenance building for over three decades. Every year the work crew removed the spark plugs, lubricated the cylinders and turned the engine over by hand to ensure it would remain free. The paint, chrome brightwork, upholstery and top were restored some years ago and have held up quite well considering the length of time the vehicle has been dormant.


The 1923 Hupmobile offered here will not only be a wonderful choice for the collector, as well as a fine car for touring, but will certainly assist a worthy charity in its pursuit to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

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