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1932 Lincoln KB 5 Passenger Sedan PHOTOGRAPHY BY
Estimate: $75,000 - $95,000 USD
  • 1932
  • Lincoln
  • KB
  • KB1291
  • Two Tone Blue
  • Tan
  • Recent Engine Rebuild
  • Stunning Factory Body Style
  • Smooth Powerful V12 Motor
  • Original Interior
  • CCCA Full Classic

Greatest of Prewar Lincoln’s

The year 1932 was the year of the “Classic” Lincoln and they undeniably hit a peak with the 1931-33 KB models. The model KB introduced a new V-12 motor on a 145 inch wheelbase chassis and the 447.9 cubic inch engine produced 150 silent, smooth horsepower. Styling was upgraded with a more massive radiator shell, louvers on the engine shell and trumpet horns. There is almost universal agreement that the 2,629 KB Lincolns built over their short two year production life are among the greatest of all Prewar Lincolns.

History of the Model

During the early 1930’s, the Great Depression was in full swing and the automotive industry was actively attempting to attract customers as many potential buyers were reluctant to flaunt their good fortune by purchasing expensive high end automobiles while their neighbors had fallen on hard times. It’s difficult to make a purely economic justification for Edsel Ford’s decision to add a V12 to Lincoln’s lineup when the Depression was in full swing but Cadillac started the multi-cylinder war in 1930 with the introduction of the V16. Other manufacturers, including Lincoln, who wished to compete in upper-crust, higher profit market were quickly forced to followed suit. For Lincoln their V12 model was the KB which had a top speed of 100 miles per hour and the engine was the last of the Henry Leland era motors to use the fork and blade connecting rods, a proven but an expensive engine to produce. Custom coachwork builders were invited to create their magic on this platform while several dozen stunning body styles were also offered by Lincoln.

Restoration History

This very handsome 1932 Lincoln KB 5-Passenger Sedan has been well preserved and properly maintained. It was restored some years back with a professional repaint with the interior, which was in exceptional condition, being retained. The chassis was determined to have been subjected to deterioration and while useable was replaced with a period correct 1932 KB 145 inch chassis. At a later date the engine and transmission were rebuilt and the clutch was replaced. In addition a new exhaust system, battery and wiring harness was installed. The result is a stunning KB Lincoln that has the classic lines of a 5-pasenger sedan but is also reliable as well as powerful with the famed Lincoln V12 under the hood. Some cars are meant for the show field and others are destined to be enjoyed on CARavans, tours and the open road. This Lincoln KB begs to be driven.

Market Trend

Recent auction results present a market in a state of flux with prices on general slight decline. An exception has been quality Full Classics that continue to retain their value, with some showing steady appreciation. The KB Lincoln, produced between 1932 and 1933, is an example of a Full Classic that has continued that trend. Both Worldwide and RM/Sothby’s sold Lincoln KB’s late last year for over $300,000 which illustrate the strength of larger Lincolns in the market place. The example offered here, while not a fresh restoration, represents the best of the collector car community…a stylish elegant automobile that would be a treat to take for a Sunday drive or for an extended tour with a group of like-minded friends.


While not a custom coachbuilt Lincoln, the example offered here is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful of the factory body styles available at the time. Only a handful of the twelve-cylinder five passenger sedans are still in existence. This example has benefited from extensive mechanical refurbishing with a rebuilt motor and transmission, new clutch and exhaust system along with new wiring. With its attractive paint, solid mechanical condition and original interior the open road awaits!

“Everything you love about a 32 Ford but bigger”Carl Bomstead, Automotive Specialist
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