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1932 Lincoln KB Judkins PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $200,000 - $235,000 USD
  • 1932
  • Lincoln
  • KB
  • Judkins
  • KB 1635
  • KB 1635
  • Ford Dark Tan / Black
  • Brown Leather
  • Custom Coachwork by Judkins
  • Only known example with rear mounted spare
  • Smooth, Powerful V12 Engine
  • Authentic Restoration
  • CCCA Full Classic

One-Off Custom Lincoln

The introduction by Cadillac of their V16 in 1930, which was shortly followed by their V12, was the initial volley that signaled the multicylinder war had begun. Any manufacturer that wished to compete in the luxury market would have to have a significant offering. Henry Leland founded Lincoln on the premise of building a car without compromise and Lincoln always built exceptional, if not overbuilt cars. Therefore it came as no surprise that Lincoln’s V12 quickly answered the call, achieving legendary status.

History of the Model

Ford acquired Henry Leyland’s Lincoln Motor Company as an entry into the high-end luxury car market. The Leyland Lincoln was well respected for its exceptional engineering but it lacked exciting styling. The new Model K, so named simply because that’s what Edsel Ford decided to call it, was introduced in late 1930 and the styling was a transition from the stodgy Leyland era to the new Ford Lincoln. In 1932 Ford offered a major restyling of the entire line and Ford received the flathead V8 while Lincoln added a powerful V12. The new Lincoln engine with its 448 cubic inch fork and blade design was powerful, robust and smooth, providing 150 horsepower. It was considered the ultimate Lincoln engine but production costs limited it to a two-year production run. The new model was offered in both short and long wheelbase called the KA and KB respectively.

Restoration History

This 1932 Lincoln KB Judkins Coupe has benefitted from a 15 year meticulous restoration that was completed in 2009. Authenticity was emphasized and a recent inspection by a noted marque expert confirmed its correctness. It wears a custom body by Judkins, a firm that was founded in 1857 as a small carriage builder. Judkins furnished custom bodies for numerous car builders of distinction but Lincoln was their primary client. Between 1921 and 1939 they produced 5904 bodies with 2212 being offered on the two passenger coupe. The exact number of Judkins bodied coupes produced in 1932 is unknown but is thought to be less than thirty. The example offered here is believed to be the only example with a rear mounted spare. This design presents a smooth flowing fender line that enhances the length of the car while expressing its elegance.

Market Trend

The current market for quality CCCA Full Classics continues to be robust with recent major auctions achieving strong results. The 1932 Lincoln Judkins KB Coupe offered here provides unique one-off styling with its rear mounted spare coupled with exceptional performance provided by the proven Lincoln V12 blade and fork engine. The KB chassis is mounted on the 145 inch wheelbase with Bendix Duo-Servo mechanical brakes on all four corners. Fitted with a rear trunk rather than a rumble seat due to the spare tire, it presents a sporty but elegant image that should continue to out-perform the collector car market.


The 1932 Lincoln Judkins KB Coupe presented here offers an exciting opportunity, as it has never been presented at a Concours d’Elegance, and based on its exceptional restored condition, it would certainly be well accepted. It offers styling, powerful performance and an authentic restoration that appears fresh and crisp. It will be well received on the show field while providing exciting touring on events such as CCCA CARavans.

“With collectors, the KB Lincoln has achieved legendary status.”Carl Bomstead, Automotive Specialist
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