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1934 Oldsmobile Series L Eight Convertible PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $70,000 - $80,000 USD
  • 1934
  • Oldsmobile
  • Series L Model 34418
  • Convertible
  • Corona Beige
  • Brown leather
  • Quality Restoration
  • Numerous National Awards
  • Correct Goddess Hood Ornament
  • Only 537 Produced
  • Five remaining
  • Excellent Mechanical Condition

Two Time Oldsmobile Club of America National Award Winner

Oldsmobile, for 1934, offered the Series F and the Series L, six and eight cylinder models respectively. The six cylinder models proved to be more popular as they offered almost identical horsepower for about two hundred dollars less money. The Series L, however, was offered on a five inch longer wheelbase and the convertible was only offered on the eight cylinder chassis. It was priced at $975. The Series L quickly developed a reputation as well engineered reliable automobiles that provided solid value.

This Car's Past

This 1934 Oldsmobile Series L Convertible has been accurately restored to national award winning standards. The quality of the restoration is born out with two first place wins in National Oldsmobile Club of America judging. In addition it has achieved Grand National Award recognition in Antique Automobile Club of America competition. These awards are only achieved with accurate and correct restorations that present the car as it left the factory.

History of the Model

The Curved Dash Oldsmobile, the Model R, was the first car produced by the Olds Motor Works. It was introduced in 1901 and Oldsmobile became one of America’s oldest and longest running automobile manufacturers until production ceased in 2002. In December of 1908 William C. Durant acquired Olds Motor Works which would become part of his General Motors empire. Interestingly enough one of the most desirable tangible assets at the time was a network of nationwide Oldsmobile billboards.
In 1924 Cannon Ball Baker demonstrated the durability of the new six-cylinder Model 30 by driving cross-country in less than 13 days, an amazing feat for the era. Oldsmobile prospered with production doubling in 1924 compared to 1922 and doubling again in 1928. The Great Depression, however, was almost the end of Oldsmobile as production fell to less than half of 1922’s production. In 1933 Oldsmobile received fresh new styling with what the press referred to as “beaver-tail rears” and production soared.

“Well engineered, stylish, with many advanced features.”Daniel Vaughan

The Series L was introduced in 1932 with a straight eight engine with 240 cubic inch displacement that produced 87 horsepower. Oldsmobile had used a V-8 as early as 1916 but the straight eight would be a staple through 1948. The Series L for 1934 now offered 90 horsepower with four-wheel Bendix drum brakes, independent front suspension along with subtle styling changes. Sales increased to 82,000 and Oldsmobile claimed sixth place among US manufacturers. The Series L continued in production until 1939.

Restoration History

This 1934 Oldsmobile Model L Convertible was impeccably restored by Anderson Restorations of Wisconsin and received numerous awards as a result. The more significant include two First in Class awards at National Oldsmobile Club of America events and Junior, Senior and Grand National awards from the AACA. The restoration resulted in the body being repainted in the factory correct color of Corona Beige with contrasting tan Haartz cloth and a new leather interior. The woodgrain dash was redone to high standard and it is complete with the correct 1934 Goddess hood ornament, one of which recently sold for $4000 on the internet. The bright work has been redone to perfection and retains a brilliant luster. It has a jaunty rumble seat and it fitted with dual side-mounted spares, dual “trumpet” horns as well as dual Trippe lights. The numerous national awards that this Oldsmobile has received speaks to the high quality of the restoration. Only 537 convertibles were produced with five accounted for today.


If location is the key element with real estate, then quality is an equally important ingredient with a collector car. This 1934 Oldsmobile Series L Convertible certainly has “quality” in spades. The long list of National awards attests to the quality of the restoration and the fact that there are only five thought to be remaining adds rarity to the equation. Offered here is an opportunity to acquire a documented National show winning convertible that is certainly unique and very desirable.Carl Bomstead, Automotive Specialist

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