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1935 Mercedes-Benz 170 Sedan PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
Estimate: $30,000 - $45,000 USD
  • 1935
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • 170 Sedan
  • 123537
  • 101831
  • Maroon / Black
  • Tan Leather
  • An Original 170 Sedan
  • Body Produced by Mercedes-Benz Karosserie at Sindelfingen
  • Known First Owner
  • Formerly Part of a Major European Collection
  • Restored to Original Specifications
  • Overall Excellent Condition
  • Includes the Original German Registration Document
  • Includes the Original Mercedes-Benz Owner’s Manual

Former Owners

This Car’s Past

This very attractive 1935 Mercedes-Benz 170 4-Door Sedan was delivered via the Dresden branch of Daimler-Benz in October 1935. As noted on the original factory data card, its first owner was Karl Harlung of Pirna Germany. The body is by Mercedes-Benz Karosserie at Sindelfingen, the same location which produced the iconic 500 K and 540 K Special Roadsters, and the body of this car still carries its original “Werk Sindelfingen” emblem. In addition, the headlamp bar has a medallion for OAMTC, an Austrian motor club that was founded in 1896.
This early series 170 Sedan has been the subject of an extensive restoration with the utilization of many original and new components. It is finished in maroon with black fenders and a black vinyl roof insert that is outlined with a bright aluminum molding. The rear features a trunk plus an externally mounted spare tire. The interior has tan leather seats with matching door panels in vinyl and tan carpets. The engine compartment is nicely detailed.
About 14,000 early series 170’s were built between 1931 and 1936 but few survive to this day and fewer still in this amazing condition.

“Hans Nibel and his team of engineers at Stuttgart were preparing to make a big technical leap forward out of the “Vintage” era of conventional engineering into the future… The new car, announced in 1931, was the six-cylinder Type 170, the first of a whole new range and type of Mercedes-Benz models.” Graham Robson, Magnificent Mercedes, Bonanza Books, 1981.John Kleen, Vintage Consultant

Historic Context of the 170

Mercedes-Benz introduced their ground breaking Type 170 at the Paris Salon in 1931. It provided unmistakable evidence as to how far ahead of the rest of the industry they had gone in producing a really excellent, affordable automobile. The 170 rested on a lattice of box-section frame rails and was powered by a smooth 1696 cc six-cylinder side-valve engine. It also featured a synchronized four-speed transmission and four-wheel hydraulic brakes.
The 170’s greatest advantage over all the other vehicles in its class, however, was its use of fully independent suspension all around. Front suspension was by upper and lower parallel transverse leaf springs while the rear suspension utilized swing axles and coil springs.
Mercedes-Benz produced some of their greatest and most successful racing cars of all time during the 1930’s. Their successful designs and engineering advances for Grand Prix automobiles influenced their production cars of the era. The early series Type 170 proved to be a sales success for Mercedes-Benz, and about 14,000 of these early Type 170’s were produced from 1931 to 1936. However, few have survived to this day.

Things to Consider about this Car

This very attractive automobile is a rare and original example of the highly advanced Mercedes-Benz 170 Sedan. Its body was produced by Mercedes-Benz Karosserie at Sindelfingen. Its first owner has been identified from factory records, and the original German registration document and owner’s manual are included with the car.
This 170 sedan has been sympathetically restored to excellent overall condition some years ago, showing only slight wear at this time. In an extensive written document from November 2010, Norbert Schroeder of Kleofactum Automotive in Dusseldorf, confirmed the identity and condition of this car. His examination resulted in an overall rating of “2+”.


This then is a very nice example of the highly successful and ground breaking 1935 Mercedes-Benz 170 Sedan and is ideally suited for entry at a concours, rally or tour by its fortunate next owner.John Kleen, Vintage Consultant

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