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1967 Kaiser M725 Ambulance PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bill Pack
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  • 1967
  • Kaiser
  • M725
  • 12909
  • 2310-921-6369
  • Olive Drab
  • Olive Drab
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You’re In The Army Now!

For those military vehicle enthusiasts and collectors, this is the real deal; a Vietnam era Kaiser M725 ambulance. Authentically restored by its current owner, this specimen vehicle has options that few, if any, other surplus US Army vehicles have.

This Car’s Past

Originally owned by the US Government, this M725 ambulance has had two owners since her time in the Army. It was purchased by an Army Medic who had every intention of restoring it to its original glory. Before he had that opportunity, he was deployed to Afghanistan for the second time. The restoration was done by the M725’s current owner, who purchased it in 2009. It has been proudly driven in the Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades for the last several years. He has kept it in pristine condition, but must part with it to make room for more vehicles. It is in perfect condition and is ready to roll.

“We owned the day, Charlie owned the night.”

History of the Model

This is the military ambulance version of the Kaiser Jeep Gladiator M715. Based on a 1 1/4 ton chassis, is four wheel drive and is designated the M725. It was built by Kaiser from 1967-1969 to replace the Dodge M-43 ambulance that was not as robust as the M725. The M725 had a crew of two and transported up to five patients on stretchers or up to eight walking wounded. Powered by a military version of the Kaiser Tornado 230 inline 6, it reached 60 miles per hour fully loaded while evading attack. Standard equipment at the time included a surgical lamp, air ventilators, gas heater, and a sliding door separating the cab from the rear compartment. Most were sent to Vietnam or used domestically by the US Army. It is rare to find one as complete as this fine example, especially with an intact surgical lamp.

Market Trend

Kaiser designed this M725 ambulance to go through difficult terrains while transporting injured American servicemen. This M725 represents a fine example of a military vehicle rich in history and with stories to tell. People are interested in vehicles like this solely because they are different than the norm. Consequently versions of the M725 typically sell for approximately $15,000. Concours quality specimens like this one generally fetch about $25,000. As with any fine example of military equipment or a durable truck, particularly those that are found outside museums like this one, as the supply dwindles demand will increase.


This M725s configuration is more user friendly than other military vehicles (ie. tank, half track). It has been proudly driven in parades and can get around town with ease. Take this opportunity to purchase a piece of US military history and you too can be “in the Army now”.

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